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GLaDOS/Quotes/Other games - Combine OverWiki GLaDOS/Quotes/Other games. ... The following is a list of quotes from GLaDOS featured in various video games. Poker Night 2 . Quote Portal Pinball What happens with GLaDOS, stays with GLaDOSPoker Night ... Poker Night 2 takes the idea of single player video card games having limited appeal, ... Your dealer is the ever snarky and sarcastic GLaDOS, ... The Best of GLaDOS in Poker Night 2 - Dailymotion Video ... Poker Night 2. Watch GlaDOS as dealer in Telltales XBLA poker game Poker Night 2, with the best funny lines from Portals .\r\rWelcome to Poker Night 2 ...

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As much as it was intended to be a parody of the Player Punch, some people did get genuinely upset at the death the faithful Companion Cube. Portal 2 makes … Aperture Science Personality Construct | Half-Life Wiki While the destruction of the cores in Portal appeared to negatively effect Glados' ability to function, according to Glados in Portal 2, the cores restricted her by injecting their thoughts into her process. Rev Rant: Snatcher and the Wii - YouTube Maybe these were a bad idea. glados Portal 2 Best of Glados

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Poker Night at the Inventory 2 - Aperture Theme, Quotes &… Here's the final theme for Night at the Inventory 2, with the final Bounty (Personality Core) and a bunch of quotes along the way. It also answers the questionSorry about the final two scenes, the game didn't switch camera stupidly enough. Enjoy! Видео Poker Night at the Inventory 2 - Aperture Theme... [Request] Poker Night 2 - Glados bounty save | XPG… glados. poker night 2. [Request] Poker Night 2 - Glados bounty save. Lozwans May 10, 2013. Watch Some of GLaDOS' Best Moments in Poker Night 2

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GLaDOS/Quotes/Other games - Combine OverWiki, poker night 2 vs glados the original Half ..Views2000/4000 Edit. Player is Idle EditDeep down, poker night 2 vs glados ...

How do I play against GLaDOS in Poker Night 2? - Arqade For some reason, the game's a lot more difficult than the first iteration, and from what I've heard, you can get GLaDOS to join the competition. How is this accomplished? For some reason, the only people I can actually play against are Ash, Brock, CL4P-TP (official designated name), and Max.

Poker Night 2 Best Of GlaDOS - Love Sport ...Poker Night 2: Ninth Tournament - GLaDOS's Bounty Googol GLaDOS 2.0 Portal 2 GLaDOS Wakes Up Portal 2 - Wheatley becomes GLaDOS GLaDOS Plays Five Nights At Freddys (outdated and bad) Poker Night 2 Best of Brock Samson Quotes - Immortal Bomcat Portal 2 - The Plot Twist Poker... Poker Night 2 Unlocking Glados Personality Core Tf2 Bl2… Бесплатно скачать Mp3 Poker Night 2 Unlocking Glados Personality Core Tf2 Bl2 Unlocks. Размер: 22.26 MB, Длительность: 16 мин и 55 сек, Битрейт: 192 Kbps...